The Last Beat experience
Original beat poet, Dick McBride, with Celluloid, have created an exciting and innovative show of music and spoken word, with broad audience appeal. Dick's colourful journey through life, from the Great Depression of the 30's through World War Two and into the 'enlightened' era of the 50's and 60's San Francisco scene, strongly influenced his writing, especially contributing to the powerful and vivid imagery of his poetry, whilst reflecting the cultural, economic and socio-political extremes that he has lived through thus far. His sojourn at City Lights Bookshop in San Francisco brought him into intimate and close relation with such notorious characters as Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs and, to name but a few. Audiences will delight in Dick McBride 's sometimes surreal and often humorous anecdotes, tales and reminiscences of the key players and prevailing mood of the time, and will be deeply moved by the depth and richness of his poetry, which he has performed on numerous occasions around the UK and as far afield as the Canegliano Poetry Festival Italy, London, & San Francisco.
There has always been a very strong interest in the "Beats", especially in Youth Culture, and this performance is a unique opportunity to share previously unpublicised events from that era.

All content Dick McBride/Celluloid.
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